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Melyssa Scott, Wine Consultant

As a full-time Mom of two young daughters, wife, volunteer, pre-school teacher, and entrepreneur, I enjoy and need… my wine.

My family and I lived in a small apartment above our flower shop.

The community support for our small business gave my family the opportunity to put food on the table. They chose to purchase from our business instead of buying flowers from the grocery store. This fact made all the difference to my family and I am truly grateful.

YOU can be that person who makes a difference in the lives of families just like mine as a child.

How? By choosing to support small businesses that are committed to doing the right thing.

In fact, that is one of our core values – Always Do The Right Thing

I am one of the founders of a wine company that scouts out wine only made by small family vineyards. Just like my childhood.

Behind each purchase are hundreds of families that are committed to protecting the environment while making wine as an art form. Our wine is sunshine in a glass.

Our mission is to find the uncommon good and share it along the way. We are transparent, authentic and passionate about clean-crafted wine.

Let’s support families together and enjoy clean-crafted wine together.


Melyssa Scott
Senior Director

P.S. I love what I do so much that I’m helping others succeed in the wine world. Interested? You should be. I’m having the best time of my life and you should too. Wine not?

Positively Wine is Clean Crafted Wine

Wine as Nature Intended

I believe in living a cleaner life. And it starts by drinking cleaner wine.

As a Wine Consultant, I believe that everyone should experience wine as nature intended:

Pure, honest, authentic and downright delicious clean-crafted wine.

What is Clean-Crafted?

No added sugar, chemicals or synthetic pesticides. Organic, non-GMO and vegan.

Clean-crafted wines are sourced from small family-owned vineyards throughout the world and delivered directly to you. Quality guaranteed.

Excited to try it? Shop now or contact me for recommendations.


Melyssa is such a wonderful resource about the clean wine industry and provides incredible service to her customers! You will love the wines and working with her as well!

Erin Mayo

Melyssa hosted a wine tasting at my house and it was SO much fun! I love wine normally, but I love it even more now knowing that Scout & Cellar wine has less toxins than normal store bought wine. Melyssa is so knowledgeable about wine and was able to answer all of my questions. I recommend Melyssa for any fun party you want to host!

Stephanie Berenson

I love this wine! Not only does it taste amazing, it’s made with better ingredients which is incredibly important to me. I had no wine headache the next day either which is awesome, especially when you have to get up and care for small children! And as a small business owner, I love to shop small and this wine supports small family vineyards. a huge plus for me! Melyssa knows her stuff too – I highly recommend this wine and her for your next wine tasting or Girls Night In!

Kathleen Manning

Melyssa was able to help me find the perfect wine for an event – her recommendation was spot on!

Karen Delano

Thank you Melyssa for introducing me to this amazing collection- I do love my wines especially when I don’t suffer from a wine headache the next day. It is incredibly important to put only the healthiest things into our body- these wines fall into that category and I love them❤️

Colleen McGuire DePasquale

I have tried multiple wines and have loved them all-not only delicious but no more wine headaches! Melyssa is also great at recommending wines and very responsive when I have asked for suggestions.

Carolyn Bauer White

Wine Tastings

Book a free* 90-minute wine tasting for up to 12 of your friends in the New England area with Melyssa Scott, Wine Consultant.

I bring the wine, you bring the friends. Let’s have fun!

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